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Elise 65% Keyboard PCB

PCB Designs

Elise is a 65% keyboard PCB, designed in the UK and fully open source. It is the first fully manufactured and non DIY PCB to be designed by Draytronics.

Draytronics was formed to provide low cost open source and easy to assemble DIY keyboards, the move to producing a pre-assembled PCB is an expansion of what we can offer and the natural next step. We will however still continue to offer designs and runs of our DIY products.


  • 65% Keyboard
  • ANSI & ISO Layouts
  • XD68 Case & Plate Compatibility
  • USB-C
  • ESD Protection
  • RGB Underglow
  • 3 Pin & 5 Pin MX Style Switch Support
  • QMK Firmware
  • Low Cost

XD68 Compatibility

Elise is designed to be dimensionally compatible with the XD68 PCB thus all plates and cases that are designed to fit this PCB should also fit Elise. This was done to reduce costs and provide easy access to a range of cases as plates. For example an aluminium case and a steel plate can be obtained for a very cost competitive price.


Elise has had a test run completed and is working as expected, larger scale production will begin after an interest check on Reddit. There may be delays as microprocessor avalability is hit and miss during the current shortage.

You can also use the links and information on this page to source and build (or remix) Elise. All details, schematics, gerbers and component lists will be provided, all for free and all open source.

QMK Firmware

Elise is proudly powered by QMK (VIA support soon), is part of the official firmware repository and comes pre-flashed.

Design Files

All of the design files for this project are openly available for anyone to download, use, edit or build their own hardware on. I have gained so much from other makers who have shared their work openly it is only fair that I do the same. I encourage you to download them, play with them and be inspired.

You will find the main GitHub repository here Draytronics Elise Kicad Project. This contains the full Kicad project for the design and manufacture of the PCB, bill of materials (BOM) file and component placement file. These details combined can be used to send these designs to your preferred fabrication house to have them manufactured.