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Scarlet – Number Pad PCB

Scarlet is the first keyboard PCB created for Draytronics. It is and will continue to be the development and learning platform for keyboard designs. There will be multiple revisions and it will change and improve over time.

In its current form Scarlet is a seventeen key number pad, powered by a ATMega32A microcontroller with a USB-C interface. The board allows ISP (bootloader) programming (via SPI) and is fully QMK & VIA compatible.

It is entirely constructed with through hole components and is designed to be buildable at home with a minimal amount of equipment.

DIY kits are available allowing you to easy easily source and build this keyboard and case. You can also use the links and information on this page to source and build (or remix) Scarlet. All details, schematics, gerbers and component lists will be provided, all for free and all open source.

Components List

The board requires the following components. I have given links to examples of most components so you may source them from preferred suppliers.

You will also need additional hardware to flash the bootloader onto a blank ATMega32 microcontroller. Without this you will not be able to program the keyboard via USB. A Pro Micro is an inexpensive microcontroller for such a task and well documented, it is suggested you use one of these (In the future I will be offering pre-programmed microcontrollers) and the guides will assume one is being used.

Design Files

All of the design files for this project are openly available for anyone to download, use, edit or build their own hardware on. I have gained so much from other makers who have shared their work openly it is only fair that I do the same.

You will find the main GitHub repository here Draytronics Scarlet Kicad Project. This contains the full Kicad project for the design and manufacture of the PCB and laser cut files for the acrylic case. If you only wish to produce more PCBs you can take the Gerber file zip from here Draytronics Scarlet Gerber File and send it to your preferred PCB house (JLCPCB etc).

Scarlet – Build Guide

A complete build guide for Scarlet is available, it will list all of the components in the DIY kit and what additional hardware you will require. This guide can be used for DIY users or people wishing to source their own parts and build from scratch.

Scarlet – Firmware Programming Guide

A guide to programming the firmware of Scarlet is also available, it contains all the information on how to take a blank microcontroller and flash it into a fully working keyboard. This is useful for people who are doing from scratch builds or DIY kit users who do not have a pre-programmed chip. Additionally it will be useful for recovery of a bad QMK flash.

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